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5 mm2 cross-section. The surroundings shall be free from draughts and the ambient air temperature, measured by a suitable thermometer or thermocouple at a horizontal distance of 1 m to 2 m from the calibrated link, shall be in the range of 15 °C to 25 °C. The calibrated link shall be inserted into the clips provided in the calibration jig and the cover replaced. 1 A is then passed continuously through the calibrated link for 60 min ± 5 min. At the end of this time the temperatures measured by the thermocouples are noted, the cover of the jig is then removed and the millivolt drop between the end surfaces of the end caps of the calibrated link is measured whilst it is still carrying the test current.

Only one socket-outlet is tested at a time. The number of drops is 5 000. After the test the portable socket-outlet shall show no external damage which might affect the safety and no components shall have become detached. 4b) and Clause 15 and Clause 16. Small chips and dents which do not adversely affect the protection against electric shock shall be ignored. For the repeat test in accordance with Clause 16, the attached flexible cord is retained without disturbing the terminal connections, but the conductor insulation and sheath are removed only as far as is necessary for the attachment of a 1 000 mm ± 50 mm length of flexible cord of the same type as that already attached to the socket-outlet, the connection being made by means of a connector having a current rating appropriate to that of the flexible cord.

NOTE This requirement does not apply to screws, nuts, washers, clamping plates and similar parts of terminals, nor to parts of socket-outlets used for earth continuity purposes other than the earthing contacts. 2, Clause 16 and Clause 24. 1 Socket-outlets shall be resistant to heat. 3. Parts made from rubber or ceramics in fixed socket-outlets shall not be subjected to these tests. 2 For complete socket-outlets and for separate ancillary components specimens are kept for 60 +50 min in a heating cabinet maintained at the following temperature: a) 70 °C ± 5 °C for portable socket-outlets, mounting boxes, separate covers and separate cover plates; b) 100 °C ± 5 °C for all other socket-outlets.

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