Hamiru-aqui, Aileen Chang's 70 Japanese Gestures: No Language Communication PDF

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By Hamiru-aqui, Aileen Chang

ISBN-10: 1933330015

ISBN-13: 9781933330013

Who must communicate jap? There’s much you could say with conventional hand gestures and physique motions which are common in addition to uniquely eastern. This whimsical examine “the language of no language” will train you to hurl insults, flirt, agree, excuse your self, move the road, or even make promises—wordlessly! (And who's that stoic man donning a go well with in the entire photos?) ultimately, how to inform a person at a noisy celebration, “Your lingerie is showing,” in 4 effortless hand motions. this can be a booklet for the intense scholar, the category clown, and the loopy man at Akihabara Station hoping to speak with Godzilla.

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