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By Andrea Megela Simmons (auth.), Andrea Megela Simmons, Richard R. Fay, Arthur N. Popper (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0387986618

ISBN-13: 9780387986616

In order to speak, animals ship and obtain indications which are topic to their specific anatomical, mental, and environmental constraints. This SHAR quantity discusses either the creation and conception of acoustic indications. Chapters tackle the data that animals converse, how the communique is built and realized, and the way communique structures have tailored and advanced inside species. The ebook will provide examples from quite a few species.

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1995). Sound spreads uniformly in a spherical manner from a point source that can be easily modeled as the center of a sphere. ” For acoustic measurements, r translates into the ratio of two distances, namely rx/r0, where rx is the distance of interest that represents the distance from a reference point r0. Thus, intensity is inversely proportional to 1/(rx/r0)2. The standard reference distance is 1 meter so that for the purposes of our discussion 1/(rx/r0)2 reduces to 1/r2, where r represents rx.

1. Signal Parameters Sound production and the underlying sound-producing mechanisms, both neural and mechanical, have been identified widely among distantly related groups of teleost fishes, suggesting that it has been independently evolved 2. 8. Spectral energy distributions for songs and calls (solid line) from different baleen whale species together with ambient noise spectra (dashed line) for their respective habitats, namely abyssal temperate ocean for blue and fin whales (Curtis et al. 1999) and coastal temperate ocean for humpback, bowhead, and right whales (Clark 1983).

2001). 10. Sound Transmission in Shallow Water A second example of a sound channel is found in shallow water, where, for the purposes of this paper, shallow water refers to depths of 10–200 m. Coastal species of cetaceans are discussed in this context. In shallow water, unlike the case for the deep sound channel, the water surface and bottom serve as distinct reflective boundaries that interact with sound waves (Fig. 4B). Sound transmission in shallow water is strongly influenced by the local conditions of depth, surface roughness (wind-dependent), and the composition of the bottom substrate.

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Acoustic Communication by Andrea Megela Simmons (auth.), Andrea Megela Simmons, Richard R. Fay, Arthur N. Popper (eds.)

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