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By Patrick Cornille

ISBN-10: 9812383670

ISBN-13: 9789812383679

This e-book is aimed toward a wide viewers: scientists, engineers, professors and scholars clever adequate to maintain a severe stance every time faced with the chilling dogmas of up to date physics. Readers will discover a tantalizing volume of fabric calculated to nurture their ideas and arouse their suspicion, to some extent a minimum of, at the so-called validity of modern-day such a lot celebrated actual theories.

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M £-*(£+«"•'*) <», We notice that for c —• oo, we obtain 7 —» 1, resulting in the classical relations: V 0 $o = V $ V 0 A 0 = VA By using the transformation given above, we obtain after some calculations, the following relations: 72 5$ 72 i202 <92$ A 0 *o = A $ + 2 e J u . V — + ^ U U . 2 = 7 2 — 1 and using the preceding equations, the covariance or form invariance of the D'Alembertian operator is verified: 1 d2$ 1 <92$n ^ r = A o $ o c-2 3 dtl ^r (W5) 1 d2A A 1 a2A ^ F = o A o - 2^ ^ ^0 (146) A * A A - ?

The time coordinate t being usually defined as a multiple of a time At associated locally to a periodical motion. Because of that, Einstein builds up clocks as if they were radars emitting an extremely short pulse-like signal. Such a pulse, however, contains an infinity of frequencies while an atomic clock defines, on the other hand, a standard of frequency which cannot in any manner represent a signal. The measurement of simultaneity " a la Einstein" of two events distant in space implies a two way signal plus a fair understanding for the observer A of the coordinate time tb read by the observer B as demonstrated by the formula given above.

Waves whose properties vary as a function of space and time. This property will be called for again in this book. Let us now complete the transformation we just have described, so as to put in evidence the Doppler relativistic effect. In order to do that, we just have to write the following relations: k 0 = 7(ki - -J o>i) = 7(k 2 + -J w2) (38) wo = 7(^1 - U - k i ) = 7 ( w 2 + U - k 2 ) (39) Those equalities enable us to verify the phase invariance for waves propagating in opposite directions: u0t0 - k 0 • ro = u\t - ki • r (40) uj0to + k 0 • r 0 = uiit + k 2 • r (41) provided that the vectors ki,k2,U are all directed in the same direction.

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Advanced Electromagnetism and Vacuum Physics (World Scientific Series in Contemporary Chemical Physics, 21) by Patrick Cornille

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