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Although there seems to be a considerable amount of experimental evidence in support of this assumption, there also appears to be substantial evidence supporting the case for trapping centers distributed throughout the oxide material. As we will show later, models based on a distribution of trapping centers throughout the oxide layer are also consistent with the data, whereas CDT models fail to agree with data obtained in type 2 experiments. Nevertheless, in order to present a brief review of the CDT model it will be necessary to assume that interface traps only are present and active MODELING OF IRRADIATED MOS STRUCTURES 43 in the oxide.

For production-oriented applications, radiation-induced changes in devices are considered strictly detrimental. For these applications it is desirable merely to vary the processing parameters systematically in a relatively large number of runs until radiation sensitivity has been minimized. ) For such applications, it is important to know what parameters affect radiation sensitivity but it is only marginally important to actually understand the physical processes governing radiation effects. For other applications, however, the goal is to exploit the radiation-induced changes in device characteristics rather than minimize them.

13b. This causes a kink to appear in the curve between segments e and f of Fig. 13c even though, as shown in Fig. 13a, the sequence of values of Vgrand D have both continued to increase in a uniform manner. The nondynamic equilibrium behavior exhibited in segment f would continue indefinitely if it were not for the sudden switch from positive to negative increments in gate-bias voltage occurring at Vgr = + 10 V and D = 27 units as shown in Fig. 13a. In segment g, the device is once more being brought closer to a dynamic equilibrium mode, since Vgr is decreasing between irradiation increments.

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