New PDF release: An Introduction to Thyristors and Their Applications

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By M. Ramamoorty

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Using the same two-transistor analogy, an SCR can also be turned on by applying a negative voltage between the emitter (anode) of the top transistor and its base. The base terminal is called the anode gate. The negative base current increases the collector current, which, in turn, becomes the base drive for the bottom transistor. This regenerative positive feedback turns the device on. Such a device with an anode gate is called a complementary SCR (CSCR). ONS much harder gate drive is required than that for a device with a conventional cathode gate because the top Nt layer is highly resistive as its doping level- is very low.

1 Triggering of Series-Connected SCRs In spite of voltage equalising circuits, the sharing of voltage will be nonuniform if all the SCRs are not triggered simultaneously. For proper functioning of the series string, a gate signal of sufficient amplitude should be applied to all the gates of the SCRs at the same time. The small differences in turn-on times are properly corrected by the dynamic equalising circuit. 4a shows one method of firing the string. The main MULTIPLE CONNECTIONS OF SCR~ 37 triggering pulse is applied to the primary of the transformer.

This will increase the dissipation of gate power. A series diode Dz in the gate circuit will prevent the negative gate source current. However, the shunt resistor R 8 c can still bypass a portion of the thermally-generated leakage current across junction ]z when the device is in the blocking state, and thereby improve thermal stability. The use of a negative voltage bias between the gate and the cathode is recommended. This will increase the forward breakover voltage and (dvfdt)-withstanding capability.

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