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By B Shashin

ISBN-10: 0713465670

ISBN-13: 9780713465679

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Exf4? ' More reasonable alternatives are: a) 28 ... Wg4+ 29 Wg2 Wxg2+ 30 li>xg2 ttJd7 31 ha7 ~xf4 32 a4±; b) 28 ... ~fS 29 ~h3 hS 30 d7 ttJxd7 (30 ... Wxd7 loses to 31 ie4 ~xgS+ 32 li>h2+-) 31 ~xhS+ gxhS 32 WxfS exf4 33 'Wxf4t; c) 28 ... ttJfS 32 ib7 We6 33 ha7 heS 34 dn. C2b. ie3! bS is obviously premature due to IS eS, but Black has two other reasonable options: a) 14 ... a6 IS i,e2! We are all set now for e4-eS. IS .. fS The only way to impede White's plan. bS is rather difficult. (1S ... We7 16 eS ctJe8 17 e6± ttJb6 18 fS gxfS 19 ~xfS fxe6 20 ~xf8+ li>xf8 21 i,gS) 16 eS dxeS 17 fS.

I was already ripe for the thought of burying once again the FPA, but at that point it dawned on me that White could try a completely different, purely strategic approach. , and, notice, in very important team tournaments - the Olympiad and the Russian championship! Jobava-Bologan, Turin 2006, saw further 13 ... td717 ttJc7 ttJc618 ttJxa8t. te618 ~xc5 ttJd719 ~d4t. The critical line 13 ... ~b6 14 ~d2 appeared in 1. Popov-Inarkiev, Dagomys 2008, when 14... txd5+ ~h8 19 ttJh4 was very tan- 5 f4 c5 6 d5 0-0 7 ttJf3 e6 8 ~e2 exd5 9 cxd5 l:l:e8 gled, but probably slightly better for White.

For instance, etJc3-b5-c7 is a major threat. Sometimes White also hits c5, or transfers the queen to h4 via a4. In many cases exchange of queens enhances the power of the 48 Black covered solidly his kingside but suddenly the d6-pawn is about to leap forward. It can be sacrificed to eliminate the g7-bishop: 18 ... etJc6 19 etJf6+! ± The threat of taking on g6 is impossible to deflect. 2. 13 ... ~b6 14 etJg5! etJe5 15 0-0 etJbd716 a4! This pawn move threatens with etJb5, but more importantly, it en- S f4 cS 6 dS 0-0 7 ltJf3 e6 8 ~e2 exdS 9 cxdS ~e8 abIes the rook lift ~al-a3-h3.

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