Life at NJS


Rupali comes from the farming district near Nagpur. In the past few years farmers of this region have been facing a lot of problems because of droughts and crops failing. Farmer suicides are very common because of bankruptcy and their inability to support their families. Rupali’s family too has faced this problem. The father committed suicide and the mother has been trying to get odd jobs to support Rupali and her brother Shekhar. Both are very intelligent children. Ultimately the mother brought both children to us. They are now living with us and getting a good education, which will give them an opportunity to get a job and see that there is opportunity for them.


When 2 year old Sunil – a very intelligent boy – was losing his ability to speak. He had a very rare malformation of his voice box. This could only be corrected by surgery. In the entire country, there are only a handful of doctors that can perform the operation, which cost hundreds of thousands of rupees. Sunil’s father is an alcoholic ragpicker and therefore has little to no money to support his family, let alone pay for such an operation. It was only because of NJS that Sunil was able to get this rare surgery and is today his confident self rather than the withdrawn, insecure little boy he was becoming.


One and a half year old Mona and her parents are tribals. They come from the jungles of Central India, which are facing Naxal (Communist) terrorism. The area is so fraught with violence that the people are not able to farm or do any other activity to earn a living. The young family was facing starvation and came to us in desperation. We gave the parents jobs at the school and now Mona has the chance to grow up as a normal little girl, well nourished and in safety.