Projects & Partnerships


Women’s vocational school :

Most of the mothers of the children who come to our school are illiterate and unemployed. Therefore they are dependent on men to provide the most basic necessities for them and their children. The unfortunate reality is that many of these men are alcoholics and incapable of, or unwilling to, support their families. It has become apparent to NJS that if true alleviation of poverty is to happen in these slum areas, the empowerment of the women is of equal importance as that of their children.

We are currently in the process of putting together a vocational program for slum women interested in learning a trade, gaining employment, and in turn creating a better life for themselves and their children.
Renewable Energy initiative :

As climate change becomes an apparent global issue, we are currently researching our options to make NJS an institution run by renewable energy sources. Not only do we hope to positively impact the environment, but also believe that investing in solar power and other forms of renewable energy will allow for us to use our resources and funds more efficiently. By investing in long term energy resources we will not have the annual expenses of replacing nonrenewable energy items like fluorescent light bulbs.

Solar energy would also help in areas like the computer lab, which shuts down every time the power goes out.






Science Lab :

Next year our students will have their 10th standard board exams. The school does have a functioning science lab. We are in the process of constructing a lab that will facilitate chemistry, biology, and physics lab practical work. This is a long-term investment that is necessary and will only improve the academics provided at NJS. Implementing a functioning science lab in currently one of our top priorities.
Solar Energy Projects :

NJS wants T.S. Wilkinson Memorial School to be energy efficient, eco-friendly, self-sustaining institution. One way we are trying to do this is by installing solar panels to produce all of our electrical needs. At the school we currently don’t have hot water, but also have plans of installing a solar water heating system.
Finishing Construction :

Before we can move forward with any of our projects, we must first complete the construction of our first floor hostel area. As we have expanded quickly over the last 5 years, there is an urgent need for more space. We are in the process of constructing a larger girls and boys dormitory (right now three rooms that are meant to be classrooms are used as dormitory areas). The dormitories will also include bathrooms and a common room that will be used as an indoor auditorium. Right now the construction site is a major hindrance on the playground and vegetable garden area. Along with this, in order to move forward with the piping and wiring for our solar energy initiative, the construction needs to be finished. This is our most pertinent project right now.
Vegetable Garden and Rainwater Harvesting :

We have a number of operating kitchen gardens that are helping to supplement the vegetable needs of the students. These are built around the edge of the grounds so they do not infringe on valuable playground for the children.

In 2014 we received funds from an American donor to construct a rooftop garden. This project has been started. Our goal is to produce enough vegetables to feed our children. The students are avid participants in these gardens and help plant, water and harvest the vegetables.

Along with our solar energy initiative, using a rainwater harvesting systems to create and enrich a sustainable kitchen vegetable garden is another way NJS will become self-sustaining and eco-friendly. We see this vegetable garden as not only a good way to save money and be self-sustaining, but also as a useful teaching tool for our students. Along with this, water is scarce in much of India and the world. We want to do our part to preserve this valuable resource.
Playground :

Once construction is finished more of the grounds will be cleared for a playground area. This will include a basketball court, throw-ball pole, volleyball/badminton net, and area for cricket. Our current playground area has two small swing sets, two slides, a marry-go-round and hanging bars.
Sumo :

With an increase in students as well as volunteers and people interested in visiting the school, it is pertinent that we have another vehicle. Currently we have one Sumo and a school bus, but these vehicles are already making several trips daily for our students, visitors, and basic errands.


Stichting Nav-Jeevan Holland

This Dutch foundation makes it its object to realise projects for the very poor in Nagpur, with a view to structural improvement. The foundation tries to reach its aim by fund raising and gives information and lectures. Since 2003, 100% of the donations goes to NJS. Website:

Make A Difference – Nagpur

NJS is partnering with the student run and organized group called Make A Difference (MAD). MAD is a College volunteer network that teaches English to underprivileged children in their community. This partnership will help empower the kids at NJS to learn English creating more opportunity for them.  

GE Matching Grants Program

NJS also has the distinction of being included in a matching grant program launched by international giant corporation GE called
A Child’s New Life Foundation

A Child's New Life Foundation enjoys 501(c)(3) status with the United States Internal Revenue Service and exempt status with the California State Franchise Tax Board (#20-4095380). The foundation donates greater than 95% of the proceeds from its fundraising efforts to the Nav Jeevan School. The foundation is run by Wendy Schneider and Heidi Schenk
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