Welcome to the Nav Jeevan Science Page!

 Just recently, Nav Jeevan has fully established a high standard Science Laboratory. The wide range of equipment available allows the laboratory to offer every student from grade seven to twelve the opportunity to engage in a thorough practical curriculum. We hope that this hands-on approach will allow children to escape their potentially mundane classroom studies and ignite within them some curiosity and interest for the subject. Not only do performing experiments allow students to understand the subject better, but also, by making the subject appeal to them more, they give the students motivation to work harder and gain better results.

When students begin to do things for themselves and learn through their own experiences, they start to feel less dependent on a teacher and slowly develop a sense of responsibility and independence - especially when they’re being entrusted to work with expensive and, sometimes, potentially dangerous material.

At Nav Jeevan we appreciate the importance of scientific education; that’s why we hope to make every child’s science experience as enriching as possible!


Meghna, Class 9

"I really love working in the science lab - there is so much fascinating and expensive equipment that we have to handle so carefully. I'm fond of experiments because they make science so much more enjoyable."