Support Us

Specific ways NJS can be sponsored:
Sponsor a Child:  
         For Rs.10,000/250 USD/170 Euro, a students education, health care, two full uniforms, transportation to and from school, food (one meal daily for day students and three daily for hostel students), and living accommodations for full time students will be covered for a full year. The idea of sponsoring a child is not only to provide monetary support but also actively be connected with the child via letters etc. We want all of our students to have positive role models, which is what a sponsor can provide.  If interested please contact us for more information.
Become a Volunteer:  
         NJS offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups. Volunteers are responsible for a number of things based on their interests, skills, time commitment and capability. Activities that volunteers engage in should be mutually beneficial to both the volunteer and NJS. For more information, see our Volunteer Manual and Application.
In-Kind Donation:  
         As we are a school, there is a constant need for paper, pencils, desks, chairs etc. Also, as our hostel grows, we have a need for more beds, blankets, and basic accommodations for our full time students. If you would like to give an in-kind donation please contact us.
Specified Monetary Donation:  
         We have several specific projects and needs at the school. Please refer to our projects for some ideas of what specific needs we currently have. If you are interested in making a specified donation and/or have other project ideas please contact us.
Five Year Project Report:  

          A child's new life foundation is our 501c3 based in California. Please contact them regarding American based donation information.

         Stitching Nav Jeevan  is our partnership foundation based in the Netherlands. Please contact them regarding European based                donation information.