Vision & Mission

Our Mission :

Empower women and children to break out of the spiral of abject poverty through education and vocational training.

Our Vision :

In the long term we are providing women and children with skills so that they can provide for themselves.We are dedicated to each woman and child’s needs and education from the moment they walk into our school, to the moment they tell us they no longer need our assistance.. We do not have a set age of when the child has to leave the school, but once the children are ready to start their own business or go on to college, we will assist them in making their dreams a reality.

Through vocational training of slum women we plan to give them skills to be successful in their line of work and will also be dedicated to finding them jobs or helping them start up their own businesses.

In order to end poverty, we believe small-scale community based projects like ours are necessary to bring about local and global change. By educating and therefore empowering one child or one woman, we believe we can impact a full community, which will in the long term have an impact on our world.